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I, Ceylan Ergun, resident and fan of Portland, am in full support of Mike DiNapoli and his vision for our wonderful city, as they match the forward-looking, pacifist, yet practical ideas my circle has. I admire Mike for his integrity, honesty, and hard-working nature and believe he will be instrumental in helping rebuild the Portland we all miss and are so proud of. Mike is not just an idealist but someone who gets the work done. Which is hard to come by in politics. Mike comes with a versatile set of skills and experience that gives me the utmost confidence that he is the human for the tough job. He chooses to put his hand under the stone and fix things with a logically thought-out plan. I am also familiar with his close support system and I am certain the brain and work power around him are unparalleled. This will be his biggest asset moving forward. For the first time in years, I am feeling very hopeful for Portland.

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