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Portland’s downtown sits in the middle of District 4 and has long been an economic life force for all districts. The decline of a regular stream of people working, shopping and taking in shows downtown has affected the entire landscape of small business across the Portland Metro area.

Without a vibrant downtown core the entire Rose City wilts.

As a District 4 candidate I’m committed to NW and SW Portland and our downtown core but, I also understand that our working class neighborhoods of Sellwood and East and West Moreland, Multnomah Village and the often overlooked Linnton neighborhood need representation. On the City Council I will be determined to revitalize the city by incorporating small businesses, start-ups and innovators from all parts of Portland to revitalize our city, fill our storefronts and  build our infrastructure.

We need to support policies that create pathways in our public education system in order to prepare the next generation. They need the skills, knowledge and experience that lead to  careers with liveable wages, healthcare and wealth-building opportunities.

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