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Portland has seen record budgets yet it still struggles to fully fund programs that work.
Portland’s Street Response, Clean Streets, and Street Roots are a few organizations on the front lines providing support for communities in need and supporting those trying to rebound their lives. On the City Council, I’ll advocate for full and continued support with community organizations doing the successful work of reaching people in need where they are and helping them achieve personal independence.

Addiction isn’t a crime, but exploiting those suffering with addiction is. On City Council I would support a policy that allows us to hold those committing crimes accountable. Police don’t prevent crimes, they react to crimes and as of late, only the most tragic and violent. What stops crime is a healthy, supportive and engaged community. Moving forward our city needs to establish a path for personal and community policing along with a trustworthy and accountable Portland Police Bureau.

Encouraging people to say something if they see something without a path for follow-up and accountability is pointless. On City Council I will advocate for a Community Response Team dedicated to neighborhood and property crimes that are often ignored in our city. When you call 9-1-1 you deserve to know that help is coming. I’ll prioritize expanding Portland Street Response to all districts and providing our response teams with the tools and technology
available to do the work of protecting our communities.

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