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I’m committed to policy that supports healthcare for all Portlanders and for programs that bolster community-based mental health and wellness centers. Healthcare and mental wellness is a right for everyone despite economic or social challenges, and access should be easy, supportive and affordable. The homelessness and mental health crisis in our city is fueled by the easy access to inexpensive illegal drugs like meth, heroin and fentanyl which are being distributed on our streets by emboldened criminal organizations. The new City Council needs to collaborate with all local, state and federal partners and to find and prosecute those responsible for exploiting our most vulnerable citizens.

Whoever you are, when you struggle to pay your bills, obtain medical assistance or simply feed yourself or your loved ones, it’s nearly impossible to feel “mentally well.” This is just human and so many of us struggle. We need to build a city that helps our community members feel safe, secure and one that provides a path to meaningful employment opportunities that support personal independence and healthy and safe communities.

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