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Roads, sidewalks and crosswalks are terrible in all districts of Portland despite having the funds needed to improve them. As your district 4 voice on city council I will be committed to the city’s mission of Vision Zero, eliminating traffic deaths and serious injuries on our streets. Portland streets need work to make them safe and our city council cannot delay any further on maintaining our streets and sidewalks.

We need to plan the city for the ‘Portland of tomorrow’ and be invested in lowering our carbon emissions wherever possible and increasing our green spaces through innovative design and thoughtful engineering. Our public transportation partners, Trimet and Portland StreetCar, have been global leaders in showcasing low emission transportation solutions. On the City Council I will ensure that we do more to foster a transportation system that is safe, dependable and affordable for the people of Portland utilizing these public transportation solutions. We need to bolster the public trust in our transportation infrastructure by increasing safety and reliability.

On the new council I will work to clear the roadblocks that are holding up the city permitting office in order to allow progress to happen. At City Hall right now there are months upon months of backlogged permits of projects ready to go that the city can’t get processed. In neighboring cities and counties, projects submitted for permitting are seeing government responses from application to approval in as quickly as two weeks. In Portland, home owners, developers and community organizations submitting permits can be delayed 6 months or more holding up shovel-ready projects, many of which address challenges our community is facing.

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