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The city of Portland has a special place in my heart. Its beautiful houses, the nature around it and most of all the friendly and openminded people made me come back this year to stay for a while after visiting it in 2015 and 2018. It made me sad that downtown was not as vibrant as it used to be. Until I had the pleasure to spent time with Mike DiNapoli and the people around him. I went to his fundraiser in April and was impressed with the dedication he showed to each and every visitor and how he listened to their needs. All over the world, including in my hometown Amsterdam, people are getting more selfish and populists are gaining more and more territory. Hardworking, the characteristic that everybody mentions about Mike, I saw that about him too. Integrity and practicing what you preach are also in his DNA. He gives me hope for a better world. Starting with the chance I want him to have to reboot the Rose City!

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